We help individuals, companies, and governments expand innovation and strategic development capabilities across their different  functions, departments, industries, and geographies in order to deliver desired impact and sustainable growth.
We continually work with our clients in discovering new and broader opportunities, developing new business models, and harnessing ideas.

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We’re proud to have collaborated with individuals, small and medium size businesses, global companies, and governments who have achieved transformational growth and superior results. Typically when a client engages with us, they experience one or more of the following:

Increased revenues

Improved operational efficiencies and higher profits

Developed new products and new business streams

Created new intellectual properties

Developed an IP portfolio

Protected their intellectual properties

Higher valuations of their companies

Gained high return of investment on technology

Successfully commercialized their research and new ideas

Attracted new product development investments

Gained new and actual insights from data

Developed customer-centric, innovative, and dynamic organizational culture

Developed customer experience strategies

Expanded their markets outside the country and to emerging markets 

Developed new and effective policies on research

Gained confidence on when/how/what to deal with digital transformation

Harnessed disruptions innovations in their industries

Created a culture of innovation

Equipped leaders to take advantage of disruptive opportunities

Developed strategies and execution plan for national projects

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While every industry has its own unique innovation and growth challenges, Evastrategics is the partner of choice for those industries where we have expertise and hands-on experience in delivering results from innovation

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Academia & Government



Media & Broadcasting

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